Charity Project 2018

Water for Madagaskar

Génération Masoala is a Malagasy association whose main aim is to protect and preserve biodiversity in Masoala – a peninsula in northeast Madagascar.

Their approach is comprehensive, as it not only encompasses environmental issues such as biodiversity diagnosis, tree planting and monitoring, but also economic and social issues. In everything the organization does, it always keeps its focus on the needs of the population. After all, we know that nature can only be protected in the long-term if the local society has good living conditions. That is why the association works very closely with the Malagasy communities.

Wasser für Madagaskar

One current project is of particular importance to the small-scale farmers – the reconstruction of their island’s water supply system.

Large portions of the cement canal system were destroyed by “Enawo” – the last major cyclone.

These canals are the heart of the water infrastructure, as they provide water to the rice plantations. If this network is disrupted, the fields dry up and the rice harvest fails – a disaster for the people of Madagascar, as rice is a staple food on the East African island. This would also be a disaster for the environment in the long term. If the rice fields lie fallow, the population is virtually forced to grow alternative foods. Since fertile land is limited, there is a great danger that farmers would start clearing forest areas to gain new land for agriculture.

The support projects offered by Génération Masoala helps directly to secure essential foods for 10000 people and prevent this kind of exploitative cultivation. With the rapid repair of the canals, the rice fields are once more receiving proper irrigation.

Canal Mahalevona
Canal Mahalevona

This project covers 1,500 hectares of land, which now can be supplied with a sufficient amount of water.

15,000 Euro for the Malagasy families, this aid from Symrise provides crucial support for the management of their farms and represents a major contribution toward securing their food supply and livelihood.