Donation project 2018

„Menschen für Menschen„ in Ethiopia

A majority of Ethiopia’s population lives off farming. However, what they earn from their fields and livestock is often not enough for them to feed their own families. Wells are rare, and springs and water holes are often highly contaminated with pathogens. A shortage of drinking water is a part of everyday life for eight out of ten people.

boy drinking water

Six of ten children in Ethiopia are still not able to go to school, either because there is no school nearby or they have to help their parents work. The “Menschen für Menschen” organization addresses precisely these problems.

When resources such as seeds, livestock and tree saplings are available, crop failures can be reduced and natural resources protected. This ensures sustainable land cultivation practices for the people of Ethiopia. The reconstruction of the water supply system is also extremely important. Pumps, spring tapping and washing areas can improve the water supply in rural Ethiopia and also promote health, since illnesses and infections are effectively avoided when clean, bacteria-free water is available.

table with food
women in garden
women at the sewing machine
harvested carrots
medical support

The organization’s support, through microcredits and on-site training in entrepreneurial skills, contributes directly to the development and safeguarding of people’s livelihood. In collaboration with local communities, health facilities are set up, primary health care secured and awareness campaigns initiated to promote health.

The financial support of € 15,000 from Symrise is a great help to the people there and makes an enormous contribution toward securing their food and livelihood. The integrated work of this project and the particular involvement of the population ensure that the people of Ethiopia are helped in a sustainable way.